HighJump WMS

HighJump provides an adaptable development platform for customers to easily personalise the WMS to their unique operational requirements.

Vocollect, Smartphone and Tablet Enablement

HighJump provides a powerful and adaptable development tool to create and modify traditional RF telnet-based WMS functionality. At Upimium we offer innovative solutions to extend those RF telnet-based functionalities to Vocollect talkman, smartphone and tablet, such that customer to leverage the benefits of latest mobile technology while safe-guarding their existing investment in HighJump development.


Our HighJump modernization solution intuitively transforms telnet text-based user interface into a modern touch-friendly one, such that user can access the same HighJump RF processes using tablet or smartphone to take advantage of modern UI features offered by these devices. Most importantly, NO ARCHITECT CODE CHANGE IS NEEDED.


Our innovative design framework takes agile mobile process development to a whole new level. Using Visio flow diagram with direct access to database, we are able to build omni-device-friendly warehouse operation processes that are available to all mobile devices, including HighJump Advantage Platform powered RF device.

Automated RF Testing Framework

The adaptability tool from HighJump gives customer greater flexibility in making changes to current RF processes, however it also brings in challenge for customer to follow a thorough software development cycle to ensure whatever changed meets business expectation and will not impact current system behaviour and cause disruption.

At Upimium we device an automated testing framework allowing customers to quickly and easily validate changes to RF processes to shorten the development and quality assurance cycle. Test scripts are documented in Excel in the form of Use Case Scenario, our testing utility loads the script and initiates user session with HighJump RF terminal to validate each step, captures screenshot, time the response and check data change in database. On completion the utility generates testing reports with highlights, as well as FAR documentation and user guide template containing screenshot of each RF step.

Simple Crystal Reporting Service

Out of box HighJump WMS requires SAP BusinessObjects Server as third party software to provide online Crystal Report viewing and printing functionality. Often customers find it over-killing using a heavyweight BusinessObjects Server only for report viewing and printing purpose; not mentioning the cost of software and the need of excessive server resource to host BusinessObject Server with tonnes of feature not used by HighJump WMS.

At Upimium we provide a purposely-built web application that allows customer to use lightweight Crystal Report Viewer as an alternative to BusinessObject Server. Customer only needs to point existing Crystal report link defined in HighJump WebWise Page Editor to a new web application; no modification to existing Crystal reports is required.

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